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A poem & a picture

I've been helping teach an after-school poetry class for teens, and one of the assignments was a "found" poem (more of a cento) composed of song lyrics from artists each student chose. Students were also tasked with choosing from a long list of provided themes to focus their writing, and to come up with a picture (drawn or nabbed from the internet) to accompany their poems.


So…self publishing

This week, I self-published four books: Songs from the Underground; Ever Unknown, Ever Misunderstood; Uneven Lanes; and Wabi-Sabi World: An Artist's Search. The first three are available as eBooks on Smashwords, and the last is available on Blurb in softcover and hardback. But that's not what this post is about (really). I hadn't intended to self publish. I admit… Continue reading So…self publishing