Helpful links

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, together, these websites changed my writerly life. Want to write a book, but not sure where to start?

Here’s your step one: National Novel Writing Month (it’s what it sounds like, but even better).

Still not convinced this is doable? Check out Autocrit: It’s a subscription editing service, but the insights from their “What’s the score?” blog are totally free (and you can get a free test run by entering your email).

Need more? There’s much more.


  • Fiction School (podcast by a former professor of mine and his friends, w/ transcript)
  • Babe Town (podcast by one of my childhood friends on inspirational women)
  • Cure for the Common Actor (podcast by a fellow Gustie for actors and other artists)
  • Free Rice (a fun and fruitful way to practice/learn new vocabulary)
  • Nearly Complete (blog for writing advice/humor/encouragement)


Places to publish

  • HITRECORD (crowd-sourced creation of all kinds, founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
  • DeviantArt (primarily for graphic art, but free and easy to publish anything)
  • Patreon (a fundraising platform for all kinds of creators)
  • Submittable (click the Discover tab for contests; this one is a must for writers)
  • WattPad (for writers who want their work out there NOW, popular for fanfics)


  • Coffitivity (you might have to click the link to understand this one…)