View from the Butte

A Poem a Day Keeps the Doldrums at Bay!

If you’re a poet and you’ve never tried the poem-a-day exercise for some amount of time, you should definitely try it, but if you’re not ready to commit to that right now, you’re welcome to live vicariously through me next month!

Starting August 1st, I’ll be starting my 30-day journey with Tupelo Press as part of the ongoing 30/30 fundraiser to keep them in the business of publishing great poetry. They provide me and my poems with an online platform for two months (August and September) and I bring them donations — and, donors get rewards!

To learn more, please visit my fundraising page at, and please share with your friends! Although my poems won’t appear until August, you can support me at any time from now through the end of the year, I believe (they’ll take my poems down at the end of September, but the fundraising page stays up for a few months).

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