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Sadly, I never had the opportunity to meet Misko (a prolific Anchorage author and co-founder of the Alaska Writers Guild, for which I am currently an officer), but I feel like I have been provided with unique insight into his life as an Alaskan author and bibliophile through his diverse collection.

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Tuesday Tunes: KONGOS

At the beginning of this year, KONGOS released the first part of their fourth album, 1929. Although it's still clearly KONGOS, part one of this album is definitely a departure from Lunatic and Egomaniac. They've ditched their label, so that certainly has something to do with the change in sound and style, but they're also maturing, and it's exciting to hear.

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TBT: “Wolf” (Nonfiction)

He was 26 and I was 18 when we met. I'm sure it took a few days for him to recognize me as a regular, since I rarely wear the same outfit or order the same drink twice at one establishment. But if he didn't remember me by the end of my first month at school, I'm sure he knew me by the time I showed up later that fall, soaked to the skin in my t-shirt and ill-fitting skinny jeans.