For Years and All That’s Gone

For Years and All That’s Gone (66,062 words)


Silas Gaebler hasn’t made the best decisions in his life. He’s experimented with illegal drugs and has a criminal record. He also hasn’t had any real role models to speak of, least of all his older brother, Ben: a hotshot sports lawyer who seems to care more about his fame than his family.

When the youngest Gaebler brother, Andy, goes missing, Silas reluctantly joins forces with Ben to search for their sibling. But when Andy turns up dead from a gunshot wound in a Salt Lake City reservoir near an old haunt of his, Silas becomes the prime suspect.

And then he runs.

For Years and All That’s Gone is as much a suspenseful, dramatic crime novel as a coming-of-age journey for Silas and the people he meets in his travels as they navigate early adulthood. It is a discussion of law and justice, but also a story of love, loss, regret and hopeful determination.