DAY 440

Day 440 (9,Day440Cover956 words)

A post-apocalyptic story in which Citizens’ entire World is controlled by an extremely tight-lipped government agency, MOON. Despite the fact that no one can remember what came before — as if there has been a total reboot — Citizens seem more than content with their lives. Each Citizen resides in their own Environment, part of a larger Ecosystem and group of Ecosystems.  What should be an individualized paradise, however, is anything but.

When Third-gen Citizen Malech starts having visions and putting together what’s really going on in this new world, relationships are strained. Will Fen, the addict, prove trustworthy? What about the gluttonous Gary, the eccentric Hays, and the twins, Io and Artemis? Rex, their Ecosystem Coordinator, or Sera, the most beautiful Citizen Malech has ever seen? Will Saartje and Saoirse stand in their way? What about the dauntingly intelligent Jordan?