Behind the Logo

Once Upon a Time…

When Cait first started to think of herself as a writer, there was a red hooded sweatshirt she wore every day — or at least, near enough to every day, that she would become known for it by her friends.

As middle school wore on, and high school came around the bend, the red sweatshirt — affectionately and more conveniently known as the Red Sweater — made fewer and fewer appearances in public, its cuffs having almost completely separated from the arms. Still, it was too big for its owner — she would never be able to fill it.

And so, it came to rest in storage.

But the sweatshirt wasn’t forgotten. It lay safely enshrined in a plastic tote, tucked under old yearbooks and framed photos from years gone by, in a warm, wooden shed.

In its current, more abstract incarnation for Red Sweater Press, the red hooded sweatshirt represents that lingering desire for the past, that holding onto of sentimentality and identity, as well as the cultivation of mystery, and perhaps the sense that somewhere along the line, something dramatic happened.

And the story didn’t end there.

These are the ideas behind Red Sweater Press, which reflect the kind of stories this company aims to publish.

Enjoy 🙂